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Question by : Rate my paper… Please?
Why “Bedbugs” Do Not Exist
The Cimex Lectularius, or the commonly yet mistakenly dubbed “bedbug,” is a nuisance to many households throughout the world. However, unknown to most of the human population, the “bed-bug” is really nothing more than a fictional character comparable to the boogey man. In fact, the Cimex Lectularius is in no way a “bug” at all, it is an insect. To explain, bugs and insects ARE NOT the same thing, there is a clear scientific difference between the two. All bugs are insects, but not all insects are bugs. It is much like how one would say all humans are primates, but not all primates are humans. There are several characteristics that define bugs as a group of their own. AMONG OTHER THINGS a bug MUST HAVE wings, 3 segmented and clearly defined body parts, six legs protruding from the thorax, antennae, and compound eyes (Herald, par. 2-6). The Cimex Lectularius has NONE of these. Albeit it is true that a few isolated species of the Cimex Lectularius including the sub-species Cimex Lectularius Linnaeus, have subdued wings, they have no other of the necessary traits required to be a bug (Orrel, par. 1-3). A Harvard study conducted by Richard Pollack, Ph.D. and Gary Alpert, Ph.D. produced results that concluded the Cimex Lectularius does not in fact have wings that qualify it to be considered a “true bug.” It also shows this picture of a common species of Cimex Lectularius:

PICTURE OF A BEDBUG (Cimex Lectularius)

Please note, that this so called “bed-bug” has only two clearly defined body segments instead of the required three, legs that come from both of its body segments instead of just the thorax, and does not have compound eyes.
The other half of the word “bedbug” is also a false term. Although the Cimex Lectularius does occasionally live in mattresses, modern technology and sanitation techniques have all but eliminated them. The majority of them dwell in their natural habitats, the nests of various birds and rodents. Many also live in the furs of animals. It is quite obvious that the ENTIRE word “bedbug” is a false name, a catchy sounding, easy to understand word used to scare little children into staying clean. The fact of the matter is, the term “bedbug” exists, but the actual “bug” does not. There is no scientific backing behind the word; the essence of it is false. There is no bug in my bed nor ANYBODY’S bed called a “bedbug,” there is perhaps an insect that upon occasion chooses to reside in mattresses in a few third world countries, but alas, there is no bedbug. The Cimex Lectularius exists, but the “bedbug” does not.
1. I did not plagiarize.
2. The paper is ment to be a paper using “fake research”- wierd I know, and the layout/writing is just supposed to be good.
3. I probably should have mentioned that before. Sorry.

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Answer by *Guess Who I Am*
sorry thats too long…but it looks good to me :)

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Question by Panda Power: why is my brother thus scared to be alone?
my small brother will be 13 inside october, however, there’s a issue….he hasn’t slept by himself inside his own area because he was 9 years of age. whenever he was 9, the parents got a breakup, plus the dad had been a absolutely bad man to state the minimum, plus he showed you a great deal of distressing videos (he even took you to find an x-rated movie) plus whenever he showed my brother this 1 film, he got thus afraid, plus not desired to find my dad again. whenever he went house to my mother, he slept inside my mom’s bed, plus kind of got connected to sleeping along with her. today, you have a much small house, with 2 bedrooms, plus i have a space with my mother, plus you have bunk beds inside the different bedroom, however among the mattresses broke plus my elder brother has been temporarily sleeping found on the sofa. here comes the condition, my young brother is rather scared to be alone, he usually locks each door to the apartment because shortly because 1 of you leaves, plus today which he can’t rest with my mother anymore, he goes plus sleeps found on the living area floor, that is stupid, considering he has his own bed. my elder brother demands a real bed, considering past, he was diagnosed with scoliosis, plus my small brother is really difficult which he won’t allow him have the bed, besides the fact that he doesn’t utilize it. what the heck is going about with my brother?? is there anything you may do to create him not thus scared? and just how may you receive him to allow my elder brother have the bed? p.s. i’m sorry this was thus extended to read
effectively, i recommended which he go plus rest inside my brother’s bed, however, my small brother is really terrified which he doesn’t fall asleep till like 3am, plus my elder brother goes to bed at like 9pm. :/

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Answer by Confused
He looks to have a certainly deep-rooted worry. I may kinda relate to the afraid of the father thing, I detest my step-dad plus have a great deal of difficulties me due to it. If he can’t rest by himself, why not only wait for him to fall sleeping, plus then your elder brother could go plus rest found on the bed. I know it’s kinda deceiving, nevertheless it might function till we men might enable him with his worry. I recommend taking him to find a counselor, or simply somebody he could speak to regarding it. He should receive certain family aid. Hope this assists!

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