When shopping for a mattress and a boxspring or foundation to use with a platform bed, there are nine shopping tips you should consider.  Before I go into the nine tips, you should first get to know what a platform bed is. Did you know that platform beds don’t need a boxspring or foundation to support a mattress?  A boxspring is made with a rigid frame and supportive springs.  A foundation is designed like a boxspring but also includes high-density foam to offer even more support.  You may actually want a boxspring or a foundation depending on how you sleep.  Many platform beds offer different levels of support with either a flat board or slats, but what mattresses go well with these options?

Get to Know Platform Beds

A platform bed has closely set slats or a platform to support a mattress.  Slats are typically planks of wood, around three inches in width that run horizontally along the bed.  King or Queen size beds often have a vertical center support system to support the weight in the middle of the bed.  You can also find metal slats on metal platform beds which are usually more durable than wood.  Before you order, you should look for the least amount of space between the slats, the smaller the space the better the support.  A platform support is a flat surface such as one single piece of plywood that you can lay a mattress on.  This system can offer a high level of stability and comfort when paired with the right mattress.  However, both of these support systems are quite firm when used without a boxspring or foundation.  If you don’t sleep very well on firm surfaces, a platform bed may not be for you.  Heavier people and those that are hard on their bed may prefer the stability of a platform bed.


Now, let’s get to the shopping tips. Before you order a mattress and a boxspring or foundation for your platform bed, there are some points you should know:

1.      It’s always a good idea to buy a new mattress to go along with any new bed.  Your old mattress could be too heavy, as they increase in weight over time, and may create faster wear on your new bed frame.  If you’re new to the world of platform beds, finding the right mattress may take some experimenting, so it’s better to start fresh from the beginning.

2.     Memory Foam mattresses are good to consider.  Many memory foam beds can be used without a boxspring or foundation because they have a built in thick foam base support system.  Thicker base foam is recommended when pairing with a slatted platform bed.

3.     Platform beds are naturally firm.  Adding an already firm mattress may make your bed uncomfortably hard.  Try to avoid “Extra Firm” mattresses. Adding a very plush mattress can also make your bed too soft.  Finding the perfect balance between hard and soft mattresses may be time consuming but your sleep is worth it.

4.     Your weight is always a factor when buying a mattress.  A couple with very different body weights may not want to consider a mattress with a lot of padding, such as a pillow top mattress.  A mattress with less padding will have less padding to compress, creating less wear over time.  Platform beds provide lots of stability for heavier people so a firm mattress is not essential.  For a plusher feel, you may want to also consider a firmer euro top mattress to retain its shape better.

5.     Read the mattress’s warranty.  For many companies, particularly Simmons, using their mattresses without their foundations can void their warranty.

6.      Do not assume boxsprings or foundations and slats do the same job.  Boxsprings or foundations do have a certain amount of give to them, while slats stay pretty rigid.  If you’re used to always sleeping on a boxspring or foundation, consider a softer mattress to go along with your new platform bed.

7.      If you don’t mind the height and the look of a boxspring or foundation on your platform bed, adding one may not be a bad thing to consider since many mattresses are made to be paired with a matching boxspring or foundation.

8.     Feel the rigidity of your current boxspring or foundation.  Do this by slipping your hand between the boxspring or foundation and mattress and pressing down. Many brand name foundations are very hard and may not be too different from a platform foundation.  If that’s the case, you may not need to buy a mattress too different from your current one since you’re already used to the firmness.

9.     If you choose to forgo the boxspring or foundation on your new platform bed, reinvest some of that money into getting a better mattress.  Consider a slightly thicker memory foam mattress or better quality springs in your coil mattress.



Where Should You Begin Shopping?

Find a company that offers plenty of information about all types of mattresses and manufacturers.  They offer a non-biased approach to mattress shopping that will allow you to make an informed decision for yourself.  An online company, such as GoMattresses.com, is a great place to start with no pushy sales people to sway you, but have real people just a click or call away to help if you have any questions.  GoMattresses.com is owned and operated by Wholesale Furniture Brokers. I recommend that you also check out GoWFB.com which offers platform beds and mattresses on one site which can help you shop for both quicker and easier.

Don’t be afraid to buy online.  GoMattresses.com and GoWFB.com have prices that rival other retailers and offers free shipping on everything.  You’ll find shopping online to be less of a hassle then driving from store to store.
— Alaina Young